Wine Cork Pumpkins


Super easy craft project that makes brilliant home decor for the Fall.  The finished product is perfect for the person who loves to decorate with natural products.  Display or in a group.  Shown below is the "pumpkin patch" in our home.  


Finished Product

Buy here or take some time to make your own home grown pumpkin patch. Paint them or keep them natural. Either way, these are sure to be a conversation piece in your home. 

Wine Cork A.jpg

Step 1

Start with 25 wine corks and a little bit of faux Fall leaves . You will need:

25 wine corks

Hot glue

Faux Fall leaves


Wine Cork C.jpg

Example of how to apply the hot glue. 

Wine Cork B.jpg

step 2

For your first row, hot glue four corks together in a row.  For your second row, use five corks and offset you placement. Third row, six corks.  Fourth row, back down to five corks.  Fifth row, four corks. 

Wine Cork D.jpg

Cut down your final cork and then glue on top, along with your faux Fall leaves. Finally, paint your pumpkin orange or display in its natural state.