Columbus, GA: Cera Products Inc, the manufacturer of Cerasport® and Ceralyte®, rice- based electrolyte drinks developed along with physicians from the renowned Johns Hopkins University, will be opening a new location in Columbus, GA.  

Cera Products, Inc. has been providing superior hydration solutions, improving the quality of lives, and reducing health care costs associated with dehydration worldwide since 1993. Cera is present in key hospital and pharmacy formularies, as well as all military medical procurement systems. Cera’s products were incorporated into the government and military through the Defense Logistics Agency, with its flagship product, Ceralyte, named as a requirement into the US Air Force IFAKs and flight jackets in 2005 by the US Air Force Surgeon General. Ceralyte is also found on the Joint Deployment Formulary, and recommended by the World Health Organization, among other leading institutions worldwide.  Current customers include all branches of the US Military (including Army Rangers and Navy SEALs), major wholesalers and distributors including Cardinal Health, Owens and Minor, McKesson, Amerisource Bergen, US Foods, Sysco, and Reinhart Foods.  Cera proudly sponsors the Best Ranger Competition, Run Across Georgia, Bataan Death March, World Class Athlete program, as well as several Spartan Races.

Jennifer Gurrola, Vice President, states: “We are excited to open our new location in Columbus, GA.  We have been providing both Cerasport and Ceralyte to Ft Benning for over a decade.  With our new Uptown Location, we are centrally located to the AMOS Cancer Center, as well as the other locations within Columbus Regional Health, St Francis Hospital, the Soldiers at Fort Benning, and a growing athletic community in Columbus.”  

Gurrola, an avid runner and cyclist, met her husband, George, at the local Soldier’s Marathon held at the National Infantry Museum. Gurrola goes on to explain her serendipitous connection to Columbus.   “My Mom’s father retired as a LTC and she grew up on Ft Benning, my older sister was born at St Francis Hospital, and my brother began his officer training schools at Ft Benning after he graduated from college.  My husband, George, began his career at Ft Benning, and retired out of Ft Benning.  It’s funny, I had never visited Columbus until Best Ranger 2009, even though my family had all of these close ties to Columbus.  After my first visit, I fell in love!  I loved the small town feel of the Historic district, running and cycling on the Riverwalk, great shops and restaurants in Uptown, and how Columbus State University was closely intertwined with the city.  When my Mother and I discussed opening a second location, I was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to expand our family business, and raise our children attending the very same church (Trinity Episcopal) she attended as a child.”  

The company’s ribbon cutting ceremony will take place April 29, 2016 at 3pm and is open to the public.

About Cera Products Inc: 

Established in 1993, Cera Products scientifically developed its high performance rehydration products along with physicians from Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and other international institutions. These physicians and Charlene Riikonen worked at the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease in Bangladesh, where Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORS) was first discovered.  Cera’s patented rice-based products are Certified Gluten Free, Low Glycemic, Non- GMO, No Sugar Added, Sweetened with Stevia, and Made in the USA.  Cera Products, Inc welcomes distributors at all levels.  For more information, please visit our website at: