Within this blog I have written about a ton of things that are important to me and keep my wheels turning; Inspiration, Motivation, Intestinal Fortitude and so much more. Lately, I have been thinking about 'Mental Toughness'.  I have questioned my ability to be mentally tough and finally in my mid thirties have started to challenge myself to see just how mentally tough I might be.  The one thing I fully realize is that I have surrounded myself with mentally tough people. I am surrounded by people who sacrifice and are not afraid of self-denial. The type of people who simply do not give in.

Something I have recently reviewed describes mental toughness as, 'character in action'. I can honestly and admittedly say that until three years ago I was NOT mentally tough. Wow, that hurts to admit.  I was weak.  I was complacent.  I was a push over. I lacked confidence. I had very little self esteem. I did not challenge myself and I was comfortable being a victim.

NOT ANY MORE!  That way of living is over.  The glass ceiling has been destroyed.

"Mental Toughness is all about improving your mind so that it’s always on your side; not sometimes helping you nor working against you as we all know it’s quite capable of doing."

There are studies that seek to answer whether or not mental toughness is a developed characteristic or is genetic.  I am sure some people were born with this toughness, but for me it was developed.  It was developed by surrounding myself with mentally tough people.

My focus narrows with each passing day and my belief in self grows by the minute.  These mannerisms are strengthened by witnessing people like Ranger Cory Smith who decided one day to run 565 miles to get home to his daughter, Ranger Michael Schlitz who suffered traumatic injuries while serving his country, Whitney Golden who is determined to improve her life and prove people wrong, the women of character who represent Team RWB, the women who take care of the household while my buddies do their job, and all the people who are passionate about what they care about and are focused to make a mark in the world.

In order to be mentally tough you must be resilient. You must have a positive process for dealing with stress and adversity.  Lord knows the adversities I have faced  We all face adversity.  It is a given.  Something you can count on.  Turbulence and complexity in life and in all things is most certainly around the corner. I say, "BRING IT"!

I am not the most skilled, but I have dexterity and I love psychological pressure.  It is only through these challenges that I learn about myself and have the peace to see people where they are.  I have a long way to go, but I am breaking through boundaries everyday.  I hope that one day I can be a model of mental toughness for others to follow as well.

I am so thankful for all those around me who stand their ground.

Do you have mental toughness? Are you flexible, responsive, strong, courageous and resilient? If not, what are you waiting for?