Do you have it?  Do you need it?

Before you can answer these questions it seems to me that first you need to be able to define passion. According to The Free Dictionary online, passion is: A powerful emotion such as love, joy, hatred or anger. Boundless enthusiasm. An abandoned display of emotion.

Yet, passion is not about a silver screen love scene as the definition lends itself to describe.

Passion is a way to live life.  Passion is a key to happiness.  Have you noticed that people without passion seem lost?  Absolutely, that is because they are!!!

It seems as though more and more people are listening to the cynics rather than motivating self from within.  For this reason I choose to surround myself with PASSIONATE people.

Passionate people tend to see the world with an elevated degree of optimism. Passionate people see how they can make the world a better place.  Typically love, faith  and imagination are embraced by those with passion.

I am always told how much passion I possess. I also frequently use the term passion to describe me, but what does that really mean?

Passion is much more than technical definitions.  Passion gives us a reason to keep learning.  Passion gives us a purpose.  I argue that passion does not just bring joy to us, the people with the passion, but also brings pleasure to all the folks surrounding us.

Passion gives us opportunity to connect with one another.

A lack of passion allows manipulation, hyperbole and spin to creep in.

The pursuit of happiness is our right. I encourage that the pursuit of happiness comes from within rather than from laws, politics and regulations.  That pursuit of happiness stems from our passion and from our willingness to embrace that life should and can be experienced with untamed enthusiasm. That enthusiasm is contagious.  I dare you to try it :-)

Companies are looking for a competitive advantage.  I remain steadfast in saying, in our current environment, if you want to professionally stand out from the crowd then you should communicate with passion.

Fundamentally, let your guard down.  Be vulnerable. Connect with everyone in your life. Connect soul to soul.

You communicate with passion when you do what you love and share what you love in everything that you do. Let your passion be your guide in the way you walk, talk, dress, speak, respond and how you interact with others.  Your passion cannot be argued.  Your passion is not up for debate.  Your pssion is not something others can take control of for you.  Therefore, people will take notice.  They will be interested.  They will be motivated.  They will be inspired