Life is not about finding yourself, It is about creating yourself.  - George Bernard Shaw

I received the above daily inspiration the other day and it had sticktuitiveness with me. I've always believed in creating oneself, but sometimes when you go through difficult times you lose sight of the finishline.

I understand that each decision I make affects my future path.  So, I have decided to put on my BIG GIRL PANTS, hold my head high in the air, make tough decisions and create the path I desire.  Nike says, "there is no finishline" why do we try to find it?  Truth be told, even if I reached the finishline I would look for a new race/challenge anyway.

Somebody told me the other day, relating to politics, that we all need to compromise.  I passionately disagree.  Compromise means somebody is going to walk away unfulfilled.  I prefer to reach agreements.

Needless to say, I refuse to compromise. I refuse to compromise my values in order to placate someone else.  I give myself permission to dismiss the people that do not conduct themselves in a manner that is in alignment with the future I am creating.

How many of you stop from time to time to plan the 'way ahead'? Do you do this yearly, monthly, or daily?  In my nonprofit and corporate consulting capacity I would call this strategic planning. However, I am always an advocate for simple vocabulary.  So let's just call it what it is....the Way Ahead.

I am highly responsive to my associates that want to discuss and strategize the way ahead.  If we are discussing then we are planning forward together and there is power in surrounding yourself with like minded people.

Watch out world, the BIG GIRL PANTS are on.  I daily work around 'Type A' personalities and up to this point have been discouraged from expressing the 'Type A' side of my personality.  However, when I strip away my assertiveness, I am no longer pursuing my path, but rather some elses intended path for me.  Therefore, this week I identified two accountability partners.  I am going to ask them to hold my feet to the fire, to push me, to mentor me, to coach me.  Nobody is going to create the future I want....other than me.

Thoughts?  What about you?  Do you have your own version of BIG GIRL PANTS?