Opportunity = Responsibility

I was recently asked why I was a board member of the charitable nonprofit organization GallantFew, Inc..  I explained that I have certain beliefs and convictions.  Those include my belief that the United States of America is a great country and I am indebted to those that chose to serve, protect and defend her.  I believe that I have been given unique opportunities because of my relationships and depth of knowledge regarding our service members.  With those opportunities and that unique knowledge I feel that I also have a great responsibility.

The responsibility is to find relevant ways to serve those that I profess to represent and of those that trust me.  I know of, understand and have empathy for the issues that our service members have faced or may face as a result of combat.  I know and understand the barriers that exist for many to seek  needed services.  This coupled with my belief that our government does not have the answer.  We the people have the answer.  The individual community members, corporations and private organizations have the ability to come together and circle around those that need our care and attention.

I am proud of how committed the leadership of GallantFew is toward making a difference.  I love to surround myself with passionate people who are committed to overcoming hurdles in order to achieve a goal.

Along this journey I have met some of the greatest Americans that truly live a life of serving.  A life of  using personal resources, assets and connections to influence his/her community members.  This is such an amazing thing to witness.  I feel so privileged to see the good in so many people.

It does not matter what your passion is.  It does not matter how you feel our communities are served best.  We all have different experiences and unique opportunities that create our sense of responsibility.  I just passionately encourage you to find yours.  To define it and to act on that responsibility.  If we all have a laser focus on serving our communities through our individual passion we will not have the time to fight one another.  We will not have the time to accuse and berate folks that have a different opinion than ours and we will take the focus off the government providing solution to We The People finding solutions.  Now, how liberating is that???