Inspiration: The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something

Well, I must be honest.  There are days when I question what the heck I am doing.  Times have been  tough lately.  However, even  in the thick of all that is going on...I still feel inspiration on a daily basis.  I know when I am inspired....because I feel a rush of energy as I am in that moment, navigating through a particular situation or simply in the presence of greatness.

I get inspired surfing through facebook, reading a book, spending time with my friends or being mesmerized by my daughter's growth and maturity.  I love the feeling I get when being inspired.  Do you recognize all the small and large inspirations in your life and along your journey?

Some examples of my most recent inspirations:

- Watching the growth and success of Sherry Post and Simple Fuel (@simplefuel). This is one amazing lady that created a phenomenal product and awesome brand.

- Being around people that love what they do.  This has been my experience with the armed service members I have been able to work around.  Namely the RANGER community.

- Working with people that honor commitments and provide quality products.  A perfect example of this is Kelly Hyde with Infidels Incorporated and Airborne Ranger Designs (@AirborneRanger).  Kelly is an amazing advocate. It is an honor to call him a friend and colleague.

- Listening to people and working along side people that encourage you to be a better version of yourself. The people who are passionate and focused on having a purpose.  Vol Montgomery of Reveille Peak Ranch (@RPRTexas) is a perfect example of this type of person.

- Learning from our nation's greatest heroes.  The folks that paid huge sacrifices to serve this country and defend liberty.  RANGER Michael Schlitz is one of these heroes. He continues to provide great service to this country, has an undeniable spirit and a contagious enthusiasm.

- Being surrounded by amazing friends and personal advocates.  I have the great fortune of calling some very authentic and genuine people 'friends'. They support me, comfort me, tell me I'm beautiful, challenge me and stay amazingly authentic and true to self.  Yes, Angela Robertson and Neelam know who you are.

- Watching young people have a passion for service.  People like Daniel and David Poku and their affinity to help young people.  Their latest initiative being Mustang Heroes at SMU.

- Studying my daughter and having heart-to-heart conversations.  The type of conversations I know she will one day remember.  They will help guide her.  They will help her make decisions.  However, to listen to her thoughtfulness truly inspiring.

I just hope to have the ability to inspire others as well.  Days are better when seeing them through inspired eyes!!!

Do you know your sources of inspiration?