Finding One's Bliss

It seems to me that many of us search high and low for personal and professional happiness.  I have also heard it called BLISS once that happiness is found.

I discovered my BLISS on a cool Spring day back in 2008. 

Early in my professional career I began working with private organizations surrounding the armed forces.  I had the great fortune of working with the National Infantry Association and many other small organizations in or around Fort Benning, Georgia.  However, The National Ranger Association and the Best Ranger Competition have always been my pride and joy. 

It was not until I moved, away from Georgia, and started traveling back for events that I realized what I had been taking for granted.  In late 2007 I moved from Columbus, Georgia, to Leander, Texas.  In 2008, I traveled back to Fort Benning in order to assist with the 25th Annual Best Ranger Competition.  It was then, the first time I drove on the back roads of Fort Benning, after being away, I actually felt the skies part and shine a light on me.  The overwhelming feeling that "I was going home" increased the closer and closer I neared the Ranger Training Brigade.  It was at that moment I realized my work and involvement with the RANGER community was so much more than a job or a hobby.  It was and is my BLISS

Everyday I wake up and pray that I am able to remain relevant to the RANGER community so that they will keep me around for one more day.  I am honored and humbled to be able to learn, grow and work beside some of the greatest men alive. 

My journey has taken me down many paths.  I have met so many wonderful people that I would like to share with you.  The mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, daughters and sons ....they all have stories.  I have learned from some simply by observing and from others through requested and formal mentorship.  I continue to grow and learn.  They continue to give me energy.  I will never be able to be volunteer service member, due to my physical limitations,  yet I can still do my telling their story!

I promise to give 100% and then some.......