Candyss and Associates

Candyss Bryant and her associates are energetic, organized, dependable and excellent communicators with an understanding of military culture and customs as well as nonprofit organizational development and management. Bryant and her cadre of passionate professionals enjoy the opportunity to be THE trusted source of services for private organizations around the special skilled combat elite active duty service members and veterans.

It is imperetive that our nonprofit/community organizations are in a position to provide effective intermediary services for our armed forces service members (active duty) and to our veteran community. Candyss and Associates provide the expertise and passion to build the capacity, provide continuity, enhance sustainability and encourage organizational success in order to best serve the honorable men and women that defend and secure the United States of America.

Candyss and Associates has proven successes in developing long-term relationships. The entire team of passionate professionals posess superior communication, consulting, presentation, negotiation, management, and leadership qualities and skills.

  • Skilled Project/Event planning with demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and coordinate a broad range of considerations for such events as conferences, sporting events, corporate functions, and fundraisers.


  • Highly skilled at developing and maintaining relationships.


  • Persuasive and assertive negotiator


  • Accomplished facilitation skills in coordinating multiple/complex projects.


  • Reputation for sound  decision-making capabilities and critical thinking