"An individual of uncommon integrity. A champion for your cause and a formidable opponent of those who construct obstacles to your objectives. Attention to detail, courtesy to colleagues, and a will to succeed are her hallmarks and her standards set the example which others strive to achieve. 100% and then some. For all that you have done, and for all that you will do, thank you Candyss."

- Matthew Brandt MD- EMS Director for Cox Health – Springfield, MO

"Candyss – YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST – a true NATIONAL TREASURE!!!!  Thank you for allowing me and Cubic to be part of the very of what is GREAT about America!"

- Bert Ges

"I do not know anyone else that has the compassion, the empathy, the courage, or the brass balls and sheer force of will to do what you have done for the last fifteen years."

- Sgt. Miller

"(Candyss Bryant) is the best at being amazing and makes awesome look easy!  Thank you for helping us tell our story and bringing our community together."

- Douglas Kestranek - PJ Rodeo; Pararescue Foundation

"If it wasn't for you, xxx  would have never found me. That one deal has really helped my business out. It helped by getting the word out to so many people quickly. I couldn't do that without what you have done. Your a good marketing manager for Milspec Metalworks!!"

- Jesse Hash, Owner - Milspec Metalworks (Veteran owned business)

(The Beer and Bourbon Festival was) Well organized and planned out and they (Candyss and Associates), along with Chattahoochee Harley Davidson, was outstanding to work with.  Easiest event I have ever done.

- Kevin Swindle, On Premise Sales Manger at United Distributors

"Candyss and Associates graciously agreed to direct the 2013 Mogadishu Mile in Irving, Texas.   She used her connections to assemble an all-star team.  She not only directed the 5K Race but also created a 1 Mile Memorial walk to remember the lives of those killed during Black Hawk Down 20 years ago.  This special touch demonstrates that this team has a heart to honor warriors who have made the supreme sacrifice.  She helped raise over $25,000 for great military charities through this race.  Candyss’ dedication is unmatched in military sporting events."

- Jeff Struecker - Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church - US Army Ranger

"Candyss took an awareness/fundraising concept from "good idea" to game-changing event for the nonprofit GallantFew, Inc. She quickly grasped the intent of the event, coordinated social media, tested and selected online platforms and developed a campaign plan. The result was a worldwide event that reached nearly 2000 athletes and donors, over 80 teams and raised $100,000. Candyss is intelligent, well-spoken, caring and most of all possesses impeccable integrity. We are delighted with the outcome and look forward to working with her on future events."

- Karl Monger, Executive Director - GallantFew

"You are the best, a consummate professional that everyone, regardless of  profession, should take a lesson from."

- CPT Steven Hail, United States Army

"Candyss, the work you did on & for Carry The Load was nothing short of incredible. You are the best and it showed this weekend. Despite torrential rains and lots of "what ifs" you took the initiative and attacked! Mission accomplished and you would not believe how many messages I have received about the impact of this event. We are proud and lucky to have met you just in the nick of time. Time to start working on next year! S/F BMS"

"Easy to support a small request from the world's most dedicated, professional, committed and selfless event spear-tipper in history. And believe me, I've worked with many!"

- Blake Sawyer, Security Director

"I am so blessed to have an opportunity to be part of something so big. Volunteering is in my soul, and every opportunity I get to serve gives me a chance to grow and see life with a different perspective. I was truly inspired by all that attended and participated in the event. I also had an opportunity to see you shine as a true leader! Despite the circumstances, you took charge, remained calm, and guided the volunteers every step of the way. You managed to make the event a great success even with the rain pouring so hard on everyone. You showed everyone that no matter what happens, you're willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it meant getting your hair wet and walking around with muddy shoes! You are a true inspiration to all of us. I left the event feeling grateful, privileged, and my heart gushing with pride!"

- Volunteer in reference to experience at Carry The Load - Austin

"Being able to participate as donors in the Best Ranger Competition 2013 was one of the most amazing opportunities we have had. As military wives the opportunity to network with people like fellow donors is rare.  Thank you for making us feel so welcome. We have some big plans for future growth and cannot wait for any opportunities to work with you in the future.

- Amy Perry, R. Riveter

"I would be remiss not to tell you how appreciative I am for all the assistance you provided getting Ranger (unnamed) to the BRC this year.  It far-exceeded our high expectations in every way!  The dinner, recognition and events were terrific, and the Ranger events and competing teams were so amazing - but the additional highlight was (unnamed) got to see some of his past friends/ leaders – which was very important to him.    For me,  the BRC opened my eyes tremendously to so many aspects of the military and what these men go through to reach the Ranger achievement level!  I was so impressed with the good manners and gracious folks we met there.  

As for the event, - you and Ms. Bruce did a fabulous job!  I am speechless about how smoothly it all went and all we got to do and see in the short time there.  Thanks for your dedication and energy as well as being  CAN-DO women!  I have a substantial respect for you and Ms. Bruce.  What a huge undertaking and not withstanding  a substantial budget cut!  Excellent Job!"  

- Susan Parades

"Thank you so much, and again, thank you for supporting this event. It is still overwhelming to me all the support you and your company does for so many events that recognize servicemen and women."

- Captain, United States Army

"(Candyss) Walks on water, shuts off rain on request."

- John Randolph Mullins MD, FACS - Chief of Vascular Surgery – Springfield, MO

"Candyss is a consumate professional and already has been an asset to Leapfest Airborne International Parachute Competition as an advisor, subject matter expert on non-profit and in her abilities to articulate our vision and mission to the public"  

- Team Leapfest

"I have had the opportunity to work with Candyss during several Best Ranger Competitions and can honestly say that she is one of the most dedicated, hard working, and honest people I have ever worked with. Her commitment to sharing the story of the Army Rangers is unmatched. The Best Ranger Competition is and will continue to be better because she is a part of it."

- MSG (Ret) Mike Snyder

"Candyss is a force multiplier and an asset on any team" 

- COL Douglas O'Connell

"Candyss [Bryant] is an exceptional trainer who knows her subject well and has an uncanny knack for adapting her message and style to the unique needs of the audience. Her teaching style is relevant, intelligent, and sprinkled with real life examples of how team relationships can be nurtured or compromised. I recommend her highly."

- Mike Bright, Executive Director. The Arc of Texas

"I have been meaning to tell you, how impressive it was to see you in action! Everyone respects you so much and I see why! Thank for all you do."

- Rhonda DePratt, Holiday Inn

"Many thanks for all you did to make this year's meeting a success. Staying at Red Cloud Range, as you did, was a demonstration of how dedicated you are tomaking the meeting better than last year and you DID.  As we used to say  back in Virgina, 'You Done Good' !"

- Doug Popp, Gibbs Products

"Thank you so much for making this event for all involved such a wonderful experience! It was very well organized and all the unexpected “treats” were so welcomed. Excellent organization throughout!"

- Priscilla & Jim Nurse and family

 "I want to thank you again, those were three of the best days of my life."

- Vol Montgomery, Reveille Peak Ranch