Core Values

Candyss and Associates operate with transparency and are guided by core values.  The following are some examples of Candyss and Associates implementing the core values espoused by the company:

Foster trusting and authentic relationships: 

Through a commitment to creating win-win partnerships.

Be dependable: 

Remain available and follow through with the work  promised.

Be predictable:

Provide quality services.

Show genuine interest and curiosity:

Ask sincere questions to gain understanding of each client's individuals needs and intent.

Approach conversations with sincerity:

Listen to others before offering advice and/or making recommendations.

Empower others:

Find ways to help clients build skill, competency and expertise. 

Create win-win opportunities:

Look for outcomes that will benefit all representatives in a process.

Honor all commitments:

Do what we say we are going to do.

Work hard - Play Hard:

Give 100 percent effort, enjoy the folks we work with and do not overlook the time to celebrate successes.

Cultivate business relationships not business transactions:

Pick up work and volunteer experiences that we are passionate about and enjoy the people rather than earning a pay check.

Celebrate matter how great or small:

Never overlook an opportunity to reward self and others for a job well done.

Go beyond expectations:

Follow the motto 100% and then some. Keep expectations low and then always deliver more than is expected.

Never leave doubt of our passion:

Be passionate about every opportunity we choose to be involved.

Get things done:

Do not put off to tomorrow what can be accomplished today!

Find opportunities to be both a student and a teacher:

We learn just as much from the clients we work with as they learn from us.

Take the time to show appreciation:

Always show gratitude for opportunities and for those that help us to achieve the objective.

Be honest:

Admit when we are unable to complete a task or when our competencies and skills are not the best fit for a job.