Candyss and Associates assists nonprofit organizations be more effective by helping strengthen their organizational capacity through:

Strategic Thinking and Planning

A process of planning for the long-term growth and sustainability of an organization. Candyss and Associates enjoy facilitating gatherings with organizational leadership in the effort to strategically think and then plan toward an organization's future.

Board Governance

Within the nonprofit sector good board governance practices are often the difference between a good organization and a great organization.  Candyss and Associates focus on the human dynamics of board structure, governance practices and development work.

Leadership Development

Provides instruction, guidance and direction so that groups achieve quanititative and qualitative results consistent with its goals and empowers individuals.  Candyss and Associates approach leadership with the following emphasis...

- a leader nurtures, guides, inspires and motivates others

- a leader recruits people who feel passionate about the goals of the team

- a leader puts processes in place so that the team is self sustaining

- a leader provides open, honest communication and solicits honest feedback

- a leader works to ensure the team articulates its vision and mission

- a leader maintains stablility in the team